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discussion about Playing Capsa Susun Online Fundamentally

The Capsa Susun game can be called a game that is often made by players for a way out of the financial problems they have. And there are quite a few players who get really serious about playing this game that they can also play with a really, really good concentration. In the end they […]

Gardens Casino surprises very impressed poker players

My friend Lucy called me the other day. After reading Patricia Chavira’s column, “Gardens becomes an Eden,” in the September 6 issue of GamingToday, in which Chavira hails the new $ 90 million Gardens Casino as “visually stunning” and “full of action,” Lucy decided to go for a ride. So, last night, “he said,” I […]

the spread of how to use Internet technology used by online gamblers

The empowerment of internet technology by one gambling job is often referred to as online gambling. Yes, online gambling is a way to play gambling that really uses an internet connection, then that way, we can play gambling freely and at will we don’t need to look at the time and place. This is, of […]

It turns out that online gamblers who use credit cards are categorized as problem gamblers

Gambling on credit cards will be prohibited because some people are prohibited from using credit cards to place bets, in an attempt to curb the gambling problem, the Gambling Commission said. The ban, which began April 14, came after a government and commission inspection of the industry. Around 24 million adults in the UK are […]