Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls Live Chapter(Deluxe 3-CD) (2017)

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Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls Live Chapter(Deluxe 3-CD) (2017)

Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls Live Chapter(Deluxe 3-CD) (2017).torrent
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Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls Live Chapter(Deluxe 3-CD) (2017)

Сategory: Music
Year: 2017
Style: Heavy Metal
Additional: NWOBHM
Country: United Kingdom
Format: 320 mp3
Size: 435.27 MB

Added: 16/11/2017 14:10:55
Files: 16

Length: 02:21:00


01. If Eternity Should Fail
02. Speed of Light
03. Wrathchild
04. Children of the Damned
05. Death or Glory
06. The Red and the Black
07. The Trooper
08. Powerslave
01. The Great Unknown
02. The Book of Souls
03. Fear of the Dark
04. Iron Maiden
05. The Number of the Beast
06. Blood Brothers
07. Wasted Years

CD3 Bonus Featuring Paul Dianno

01.Iron Maiden-The Ides Of March.mp3
02.Iron Maiden-Sanctuary.mp3
03.Iron Maiden-Purgatory.mp3
04.Iron Maiden-Wrathchild.mp3
05.Iron Maiden-Remember Tomorrow.mp3
06.Iron Maiden-Another Life.mp3
07.Iron Maiden-Genghis Khan.mp3
08.Iron Maiden-Killers.mp3
09.Iron Maiden-Innocent Exile.mp3
10.Iron Maiden-Twilight Zone.mp3
11.Iron Maiden-Murders In The Rue Morgue.mp3
12.Iron Maiden-Phantom Of The Opera.mp3
13.Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden.mp3
14.Iron Maiden-Running Free.mp3
15.Iron Maiden-Transylvania.mp3
16.Iron Maiden-Drifter.mp3


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Files in this torrent

CD1/01. If Eternity Should Fail (Live at Qudos Bank Arena_ Sydney_ Australia - Friday 6th May 2016).mp318.1 MB
CD1/02. Speed of Light (Live at Grand Arena_ GrandWest_ Cape Town_ South Africa - Wednesday 18th May 2016).mp312.1 MB
CD1/03. Wrathchild (Live at 3 Arena_ Dublin_ Ireland - Saturday 6th May 2017).mp37.1 MB
CD1/04. Children of the Damned (Live at Bell Center_ Montreal_ Canada - Friday 1st April 2016).mp312.3 MB
CD1/05. Death or Glory (Live at Wroclaw Stadium_ Wroclaw_ Poland - Sunday 3rd July 2016).mp312.3 MB
CD1/06. The Red and the Black (Live at Ryogoku Kokugikan_ Tokyo_ Japan - Thursday 21st April 2016).mp330.7 MB
CD1/07. The Trooper (Live at Estadio Jorge Magico Gonzalez_ San Salvador_ El Salvador - Sunday 6th March 2016).mp39.6 MB
CD1/08. Powerslave (Live at Plaza Dell'Unita D'Italia_ Trieste_ Italy - Tuesday 26th July 2016).mp317.5 MB
CD2/01. The Great Unknown (Live at MRA Arena_ Newcastle_ England - Sunday 14th May 2017).mp315.9 MB
CD2/02. The Book of Souls (Live at Download Festival_ Donington_ England - Sunday 12th June 2016).mp325.1 MB
CD2/03. Fear of the Dark (Live at Arena Castelao_ Fortaleza_ Brazil - Thursday 24th March 2016).mp317.6 MB
CD2/04. Iron Maiden (Live at Estadio Velez Sarsfield_ Buenos Aires_ Argentina - Tuesday 15th March 2016).mp314.2 MB
CD2/05. The Number of the Beast (Live at Open Air Festival_ Wacken_ Germany - Thursday 4th August 2016).mp312 MB
CD2/06. Blood Brothers (Live at Download Festival_ Donington_ England - Sunday 12th June 2016).mp317.6 MB
CD2/07. Wasted Years (Live at HSBC Arena_ Rio De Janeiro_ Brazil - Thursday 17th March 2016).mp313.2 MB
CD3 Bonus/01.Iron Maiden-The Ides Of March.mp35.7 MB
CD3 Bonus/02.Iron Maiden-Sanctuary.mp310.6 MB
CD3 Bonus/03.Iron Maiden-Purgatory.mp39.1 MB
CD3 Bonus/04.Iron Maiden-Wrathchild.mp37.7 MB
CD3 Bonus/05.Iron Maiden-Remember Tomorrow.mp314 MB
CD3 Bonus/06.Iron Maiden-Another Life.mp316.1 MB
CD3 Bonus/07.Iron Maiden-Genghis Khan.mp37.1 MB
CD3 Bonus/08.Iron Maiden-Killers.mp312 MB
CD3 Bonus/09.Iron Maiden-Innocent Exile.mp310 MB
CD3 Bonus/10.Iron Maiden-Twilight Zone.mp36.9 MB
CD3 Bonus/11.Iron Maiden-Murders In The Rue Morgue.mp310.9 MB
CD3 Bonus/12.Iron Maiden-Phantom Of The Opera.mp317.2 MB
CD3 Bonus/13.Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden.mp312.6 MB
CD3 Bonus/14.Iron Maiden-Running Free.mp39.6 MB
CD3 Bonus/15.Iron Maiden-Transylvania.mp312.7 MB
CD3 Bonus/16.Iron Maiden-Drifter.mp318.6 MB
CD3 Bonus/back.jpg573.7 KB
CD3 Bonus/froAK.jpg310.4 KB
CD3 Bonus/front.jpg511.3 KB
CD3 Bonus/frontak90.jpg336.3 KB
CD3 Bonus/play-Iron Maiden-Summer Festival.m3u1.2 KB
cover.jpg67.2 KB

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