Gardens Casino surprises very impressed poker players

My friend Lucy called me the other day. After reading Patricia Chavira’s column, “Gardens becomes an Eden,” in the September 6 issue of GamingToday, in which Chavira hails the new $ 90 million Gardens Casino as “visually stunning” and “full of action,” Lucy decided to go for a ride.

So, last night, “he said,” I drove there – to the new Gardens Casino – formerly known as the Hawaiian Gardens Casino visit MaduQQ – to check it out. “He’s very excited, he told me, because the casino is proud to feature a parrot named Lucy in a glass cage. “Not named after me,” he quickly added.

It has been many years since he played poker at the casino in the city’s Hawaiian Gardens. At that time, he played a 7-card hand; Now, he’s really enjoying playing hold’em there, he says, “even though I lost a little.” Lucy usually has limits on how much she is willing to “invest” during a poker session.

Hawaiian Gardens is the smallest city in Los Angeles County – just one square mile, with a population of less than 15,000 people (according to the 2010 census). Founded in 1964, the town gets its name from a small brewery decorated with bamboo and palm fronds.

Today, the city’s biggest source of income is the taxes and fees paid by casinos – about 70 percent of the city’s total revenue.
Lucy inspired me to look into casino history. The new casino opened only a few months ago. Asli started the business in 1997 in a small wooden manufactured house. Before long, it was moved to a 60,000 square foot tent, where it grew to sport 175 card tables and 1,600 employees.

According to the general manager, Ron Sarabi, with a tent structure close to his life expectancy, the casino decided to step in: The new casino is a two-story, 200,000 square foot building, with high ceilings and more than 200 flat-screen televisions.

It offers 14 different games, including the most popular ones: Texas hold’em, Omaha, 3-card poker, Pai Gow, blackjack, and baccarat. Until a new casino was built, it also had a charity bingo hall which has now been moved a few blocks down the street.


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